Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Smart AV Sender PAT-556

PAT-556 is a type of smart wireless av extender ( known as av sender, Digisender, or video sender ), but why it’s smart for transmit av signal(share tv signal)?
PAT-556 av extender, wireless av sender

First reason:
PAT-556 av sender support two group av signal input at transmitter end, means you can connect both DVD player and TV Box with transmitter and select the av signal input at receiver end, there is AV 1 and AV 2 as AV input.

Second reason:
PAT-556 support two group frequency band, the commonly use 38khz frequency is F1, and the other only is 56KHz frequency is F2, two group IR frequency could perfect avoid IR interference with the other device with IR Remote control.

Third reason:
PAT-556 support one transmitter and many receivers, if there is interference at receiver end, then you can change the channels at one of receiver end, the transmitter and the other receiver will change channels at time same times by automatically.

Parts of PAT-556
AV cable*3pcs
IR cable*1pcs
User manual*1pcs

5.8G av sender could perfect avoid 2.4G wireless interference, so if you have use many 2.4G wireless product at your home, then PAT-556 will be a good choice for you.

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