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Which model is best wireless av extender?

Article from: Which model is best wireless av extender?

best wireless av sender
According to the current situation, the digital set-top boxes are commonly used in various cities and towns, then each family also need to solve a problem how to make one pcs set-top box signal sharing to many pcs of television. For solve the problem, PAKITE technology developed a product called wireless AV Sender(known as wireless av extender, video sender), it’s wireless transmission, no need wire, support plug and play, perfect solve the problems. 
As for most of enterprise, after development of a new product, it will be extension a series products with more strong and full function. PAKITE developed three series wireless av senders with different function after get positive feedback from market. As before-sales service, the high frequency problem is the "PAKITE has many models of wireless av transmitter and receiver, what is the difference, and how do I know which model is best for me?" as for such problems, let me tell you more about this.
If you don’t know how to choose a best wireless av extender for your family, then you have to know”
1.Whatever how many TV you have, but only one sets TV, wireless transmitter and receiver will help you solve this problem. It’s perfect plan to solve one set-top box with many pcs TV.
2.In case you have to control the program at set-top box end, and you wanna control the TV program at bedroom, then you should choose the wireless av sharing device with IR Remote control.
3.Predict the transmission distance between living room and bedroom, and how many walls between this two room, submit to PAKITE before sales service, she will let you know which one is most favorable for you in case you buy the strongest model with highest money.

4.If you already enjoy the convince that wireless av extender brings to you, please kindly tell the others.

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