Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Where to find a long distance transmission Wireless TV HDMI av extender?

Source: Where to find a long distance transmission Wireless TV HDMI extender?

Where to find a long distance transmission Wireless TV HDMI av extender?

audio video wireless tv hdmi av extender transmitter and receiver

I had bought one set rca jack iptv transmitter receiver for transmitting my IPTV signal room to room, and recently, I bought a blu ray player to connect the televisions, but the device is hdmi port, so I need to buy a wireless tv HDMI extender to transmit the video wirelessly. After do some investigation, I found the wireless hdmi av extender which with full hd output resolution is very expensive and it's transmission range is too short to make me satisfied.

Finally, I found a long distance wireless hdmi extender by searching the keywords on google, and this product is fit for me very much. It has 300 meters wireless transmission range in an open air, and 8 selectable channel, 5.8 ghz Frequency Band to avoid interference from a 2.4ghz wifi-route and other wireless device. Besides, it's installation method is very easy, the video of installation is also offered by the company. There are two hdmi port in the transmitter, and "HDMI OUT" for connecting television by using hdmi cable, "HDMI IN" for connecting my signal source blu ray by using hdmi cable. There is one hdmi port in the receiver, this port for connecting television by using hdmi cable. Once connected, my two televisions sharing one blu ray player wirelessly came true. Though the wireless hdmi transmitter receiver output resolution is 720*576p, but the image quality is ok for me, because the rca transmitter receiver output resolution is 480p.

Thanks a lot for buying this product from PAKITE, I got a best service from the company, and it's only one developer and manufacturer of this 300m hdmi product.

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