Monday, 17 April 2017

My HDMI & RCA Wireless Transmission

HDMI & RCA/AV wireless transmitter and receiver for IPTV, Blu-ray player
With the time change, with the technical advance, nowadays family entertainment signal source device such as DVD player, set-top box, cable box, IPTV box, almost is RCA/AV port, and HDMI interface are coming with these devices more and more.

We have not just one TV at home, we would like to place TV in different bedroom, living room, even though at kitchen and dining room. But one signal source device can just connect one viewing device, then we need buy so many signal source and running so many cables in our house, that must be a very terrible thing! So we need to share tv signal by wireless, and had better make multi viewing device sharing one signal source device without running wires, an avsender is a wireless sharing device for resolving this problem, and one set AV sender contain an av transmitter and an av receiver.

Transmitting Blu-ray player wirelessly

For RCA/AV port: To transmit a RCA port blu-ray player wirelessly, we need blu ray transmitter and receiver with rca jack(known as av jack), it is named wireless rca receiver and transmitter. Connection method is very easy, transmitter connect with blu-ray player by av cable, and receiver connect viewing device by av cable, power on, and it will be work. You can also watch an installation video which url is:
For HDMI port: To transmit a HDMI port blu ray player wirelessly, we need wireless hdmi tv transmitter and receiver, and the connection method is the same with rca connection. But a full HD output resolution hdmi video transmitter receiver is very expensive, other way, it's transmission distance is very short. The PAKITE brand 300 meters hdmi video transmitter receiver system will become a best hdmi transmission project for many usual families, and Pakite is the only one developer & manufacturer of this 300m hdmi product in the world. Installation video of this product url is:

Transmitting IPTV wirelessly

AVsender is a wireless transmission device for transmitting av signal source device such as IPTV box/STB to viewing device such as IPTV/television. So if you are search IPTV transmitter and receiver on google, you can also type a keyword "av transmitter and receiver" or "av extender" to search the results. You can click the link above to watch an installation video.

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