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How to Watch TV in Another Room Without Running Cables

Source: How to Watch TV in Another Room Without Running Cables

Watch TV in Another Room Without Running Cables by using wireless av sender
Watching TV is the world's favorite pastime. Traditionally, televisions are the centerpiece of a living room. However, these days it's common for them to be in just about any room. This can be irritating since cable companies tend to only install a cable box near one TV unless customers pay for additional connections, and sometimes the room where you want to watch TV is across the house from where the cable/satellite wiring enters. Fortunately, there are ways to send a signal to another room without going to the trouble of running wires through your entire house.


Connect Using a Wireless AV Transmitter and Receiver

Wireless transmitters use infrared (IR) signal to communicate between the receiver and the transmitter. Before getting started, make sure that the television that the cable box is currently installed on is connected to your Wi-Fi. Connect the hdmi av transmitter to the cable box using an HDMI cable and power it on(RCA av transmitter for signal source device with RCA/AV port). Make sure it's plugged in correctly and that the light is on.
Move to the room that contains the TV that you want to watch cable on. Plug the wireless receiver in near this TV using the additional HDMI cord. Power both the TV and the receiver on.
Navigate to your Input options on the TV and choose HDMI. The wireless receiver and transmitter may have multiple input options. If so, press the Input button on your wireless receiver and transmitter to select HDMI. You should now be able to watch cable on the second TV. You can use your cable TV remote control or universal remote to change the channels on the second TV.

Connect Using a Dongle

A dongle is a fairly new method of wireless connectivity that doesn't involve cable or even a second television. The dongle uses Wi-Fi connectivity instead of infrared to transmit streaming videos and TV from smart phones to televisions. If you have a smart TV, this is one way of watching TV without the use of a wired smart box or cable box.
You will need to have a video streaming app like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or Amazon TV on your phone to use this method. Make sure that both the TV that you want to watch on and your smart phone are connected to your Wi-Fi. You can find the Wi-Fi connectivity option in your phone's Settings menu.
On your smart TV, navigate to the Google Play store, the Apple Store or its equivalent. Download the same video streaming app that your phone has. Log in to the app on your TV.
Open the same app on your phone. The app will display a small box-shaped icon in the top right corner. This is the dongle icon. When you touch the dongle, it should display all of the nearby smart devices that it can stream to. Select your smart TV from this list and wait for the connection to appear on your television. Once the connection is made, you can search for and play videos on your phone like normal and they will appear on your TV.

Connect Using a Channel App

Some channels such as HBO, TNT and CNN have apps that you can download to and watch on a smart TV even if that TV isn't hooked up with cable. First, sign up for an online account with your cable provider. Next, access the app store on your smart TV and download the apps for the channels you want. Log in using your cable account and begin watching TV.

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