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How to Watch Cable TV Wirelessly

Source: How to Watch Cable TV Wirelessly

cable tv wireless av transmitter and receiver
Watching cable TV offers a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, but this popular habit requires a mess of wires being run between the television and a cable box; it's a problem the modern home can do without. Fortunately, with one piece of equipment, it is easy to transmit cable from the cable box to the TV wirelessly.

About Wireless Cable TV

One of the biggest issues that come with wired cable service is that any room with a TV will need to have a cable hookup. Instead of running the hookup wires through the wall in order to make it possible to watch TV in a different room, a wireless av transmitter and receiver can be used to send wireless signals to the television. The av transmitter and receiver duo is then able to eliminate the need for wires in the room that the television is in while expanding the options when it comes to which rooms can contain a TV that can display cable programming.

Setting Up Wireless Cable TV

The first step to setting up wireless cable TV is to purchase a transmitter and receiver designed for this purpose. The device will transmit the signal from the cable box to the television in another room. The range depends on the model of transmitter and receiver, and there are range extenders available to cover larger areas.
The device will come with separate transmitter and receiver units. The transmitter easily connects to a cable box through RCAconnectors included in the package. These red, white, and yellow connectors will look the same as the connectors used to connect the cable box to the television.
The receiver portion connects to the television with RCA cables as well. The antennae on the devices will need to be adjusted until the signal aligns with the television. Two people can complete this step by adjusting the applicable antenna until the picture is clear on the television.
One piece included in the wireless cable TV transmitter package is meant to plug into the transmitter to make it possible for the cable remote to be used in conjunction with the television. A second piece must be positioned near the infrared light off in order for the remote to work right. It may be possible to use the remote with a second television as well, but it is important to note that users can't watch two separate channels or programs with one TV remote.
Once the wireless cable is set up, users should be careful of the signal strength. While the signal strength can hold out from one room to the next, people or pets who walk between the cable box and the television may interrupt the signal. If an obstacle gets in between the signal, the picture may temporarily be lost. It is best to simply wait until the obstacle has moved to determine whether further action needs to be taken to move the devices.

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