Thursday, 13 April 2017

How to review a film from set-top box by wireless?

set top box wireless transmitter HDMI
After the end of the work , after dinner busy home chores, the remaining work, walking, before the break is accompanied by family watching TV entertainment. Before the cable TV, free nest in which housing to open the TV can read, since the installation of the digital set-top box is not so convenient, only a family gathered in the living room on the sofa. Usually cold weather still nothing, to the winter when the cold, especially want to nest in the warm blanket to enjoy the fun of the film, now is the Internet age, when you can take a computer Yeah, or IPAD in bed to watch, but from the Too close, first of all bad eyes, followed by the screen is too small, why would you choose to go to the cinema? Want to spend the money in the bedroom to worry about this problem, although willing to spend some money to install the set-top box, but the decoration of the house, I do not want to poke a hole where a nail affect the beautiful, if there is a similar WIFI wireless transmission equipment How nice it is.
Asked friends, we are in the network TV set-top box how to use wireless in the bedroom to see movies and feel helpless. The first time in Baidu search the next, just want to try, did not expect to actually receive PAKITE reply, give me a detailed description of the PAKITE Brand network set-top box wireless av transmitter, according to the description in the bedroom , Still have contact information. So want to know more about how to set up the tower set-top box av transmitter wireless transmission audio and video.

After the telephone consultation to understand, PAKITE network set-top box wireless transmitter only RCA interface(HDMI jack Wireless Transmitter was launched at 2016.09), set-top boxes and TV is not RCA interface can not be used, the TV screen to be less than 43 inches below, or affect the transmission quality. The channel of the transmitter and receiver should be tuned, otherwise the receiver can not receive any program. Set-top box to the signal input to the transmitter, wirelessly sent to the receiver, and then through the output interface input to the TV, just a RCA line can be achieved, simply very convenient. According to their own needs, to buy whether the function with infrared transponder models, but the price is different. The key is that the two TV at the same time to watch, can only see the same program, which is a little less in the ointment, but in the acceptance, to see everyone's needs and choose. At least, Pa flag network set-top box wireless transmitter from the essence can solve the wireless movie problem, it is worth a try.

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