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How to Install your Wireless Cable TV

Source: How to Install your Wireless Cable TV

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It seems that any home you visit has at least two smart devices. Now, smart technology has been integrated into everyday home appliances like the stove and refrigerator, but the most popular smart appliance today is the smart TV. These TVs are capable of doing anything from streaming videos to downloading apps, and they're a lot sleeker than they used to be. This is why so many smart TV owners mount their televisions.
When it comes to mounting, there isn't much one can do with bulky cable boxes other than hide them away. However, you can purchase a wireless cable box that will at least eliminate the need for cords. If you plan to buy one, here are a few easy setup instructions.

Connecting Your Wireless Cable TV Box

First, let's assume you're not going to place the wireless cable TV transmitter near the television itself. Start by moving your cable box to a place that has some space alongside it. Next, place the wireless cable TV transmitter next to it. Then connect the two boxes together using the HDMI cord supplied with either. The HDMI cord enables video and audio transmission from one source to the other. To check that the connection is working, plug both boxes into the wall. If the lights come on, the connection is intact.
If you wish to hide those two boxes from sight, you can. Just make sure the infrared area is easy to see. The transmitter sends information to the receiver using the infrared.
For the second step, plug the HDMI into the back of the wireless cable TV receiver then bring it close to your television. Connect the open end of the HDMI cord to the back of the TV. If you have multiple connections for HDMI cords on the back of your HDTV, use the one that says Output.
Lastly, plug the power cord for the wireless cable receiver box into the wall and power it on.

Setting Up the Wireless Cable TV Box

The first step to setting up your wireless cable TV box is to turn on your HDTV and navigate to the Menu. Next, find the System option. Here you'll find lots of options, select the option that says Video Input. If you don't see that option on your TV, select Video then Video Input.
Scroll to HDMI and select the one that's highlighted. The receiver's connection is here. Now your television should be on the HDMI channel. Exit the menu.
Use the Source button on the transmitter to select the HDMI option. You may have to press it a few times before reaching this option. Next, press the Channel button until you get to Channel 1. Repeat this last step on the receiver box as well. That's it.
At this stage you can use your cable TV remote to switch between channels and options as you normally would.

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