Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Did you have HDMI Wireless AV Sender?

Source: Did you have HDMI Wireless AV Sender?
tv to tv wireless hdmi video transmitter
Here I'd like to make a statement to all of clients who has the below confuse: Now HDMI already become the major market, why your company didn't produce HDMI AV Sender to expand the market ?
For technique : HDMI Wireless AV Sender(what is it) it can be true, but the transmission range will be very short(10 M-50 M without any hold back), and the penetrate ability will weak then SD Wireless AV Sender, it's not worth to make deeply research.
For Clients :  HDMI Wireless AV Sender will be higher cost than SD Wireless AV Sender, SD Wireless AV Sender(what is it?) unit Price approximately $30-$60 in the located market, but HDMI Wireless AV Sender EXW Price based on MOQ 1000 sets will be $150 -$190, so it's too expensive for normal clients.
Form Seller:$150 per sets as  prime cost is too high, that will make HDMI Wireless AV Sender market become small, it will no profit for the seller. Besides, at the first , all the buyer is hard to accept the high cost than SD Wireless AV Sender.
That's why we didn't produce HDMI Wireless AV Sender. But in my personal opinion, HDMI Wireless AV Sender is no need, may be transmitter one cable will much cheap than by wireless, and HDMI no practical effect for normal family, usually  SD Wireless AV Sender can meet they daily life needed, so they would like to give up HDMI option.
But, as clients's request in HK Fair , we will produce the first batch of HDMI Video Sender to test the market feedback on March 2016, If you are interesting, pls contact me, when Wireless HDMI Transmitter on sale, I will contact you in the first time.

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