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Details about AV Sender should be concerned | PAKITE

Article from: Details about AV Sender should be concerned | PAKITE

Recently, we received many feedback from end user about wireless av sender(also known as wireless video sender, Digisender, wireless av transmitter and receiver, and so on), but I found that over 99.99% clients ask for help is because the product can not work.

Some of message like this: my tv or satellite receiver do not have AV Jack, only HDMI & USB or TV jack, so what should I do? Could you give me best solution?
For this condition, I have to say if no AV jack, it definitely can not work, and no good solutions. So before ordered, we have to double check both satellite receiver and television.

wireless av sender, send tv signal to another tv, multi room tv transmitter
in the pic: PAKITE wireless tv signal transmitter, multi room tvs connect one set top box by wirelessly

Some of message like this: I had order PAT-220, but now I need connect second tv at the second floor, could you give me your suggestion?
For this condition, You may need to order model PAT-260 if you need connect with two set television at difference floor. PAT-220 can not workable at difference floor normally. Besides, PAT-260 receiver is workable with PAT-220 transmitter, but the transmission distance should be depend on the short one, please noticed.

One clients leave message: after connect with wireless av sender, he got black and white picture, if you meet that condition, please pay attention:
a.  PAKITE brand wireless av sender is suitable for monitor size not over 42 inch.
b. The system of TV should be PAL or NTSC.
c. Make sure the receiver were placed within transmission range.
d. Set Top Box output weak signal, but this condition is not common.

Finally, please noticed, 2.4GHz frequency band transmitter is not workable with 5.8GHzfrequency band receiver.

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