Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Can I use two sets av sender in my home? | PAKITE

Can I use two sets wireless tv sender in my home?
You can use two sets wireless av sender in your home

Wireless TV Sender(also known as wireless av sender, Digisender, wireless video sender) is a device that will let you remotely have TV in your bedroom without running a cable, and it's very easy to use and install, but the shortcoming is can not support watch difference channels.

At that time, user come out a solution: I can use two satellite receiver for two sets television, so does the wireless tv sender can support like that? The answer is “ definitely yes.” If any one can do like that, one house need two sets wireless tv sender, I will suggest you use two difference series wireless tv sender.

If such circumstances:

First, as you know, wireless device is easy to get interference from other wireless device, the same theory with wireless tv sender, so we would suggest you place the two set wireless tv sender as far as possible, like one unit place at first floor and second sets place at second floor.

Second, the first av sender at the first floor ...

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