Friday, 7 April 2017

Can I trust PAKITE wireless av sender?

Online shopping is the a fashion at today, all the favorite items can be purchase by online, just need to put your hands and Finger , select your favorable items, and make payment by online, you will received the package a few days later.
Most of products can be purchase by online, at the same times, too many option makes us can not take decision. Then which brand can be trust or not, it’s a big problem.
PAKITE wireless av sender

How can I trust PAKITE brand wireless transmitter and receiver?

PAKITE is a factory located in Shenzhen China, it’s a famous brand in wireless AV sharing file. PAKITE has independent website:, you can leave message at the website. Besides, there is many choice for wireless av sender(known as av extender, video sender), each model with different function, both 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz and different transmission distance for used at different using environments. The most popular model is PAT-220, but you should take care this model is support IR Remote control, the other model PAT-330 do not support IR Remote control,if you choose PAT-330 av extender, then you can not change the program at bedroom if the set-top box was placed at living room. There are some other brand when you search Key words” wireless av sender”, one of brand was producing wireless av sender with HDMI resolution, but the unit price is too expensive, so most of clients wouldn’t choose this brand. And compare with the other brand, PAKITE would give you the best service.

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