Wednesday, 5 April 2017

300 meter HDMI wireless video transmitter | PAKITE

Source: 300 meter HDMI wireless video transmitter

Author: pakite
PAKITE wireless hdmi transmitter 300m
With time goes by, HDMI jack has full in the market, so market develop HDMI Jack wireless video transmitter(known as wireless tv sender).

HDMI Jack wireless video transceiver means it is not Full HD resolution, PAKITE New model HDMI wireless video transmitter is 720x576p resolution. Ful HDMI video transmitter cost is much high than SDI, and it's transmission range is too short( about 10 meter at open space), so many of clients would not choose Full HDMI video transceiver.

PAKITE new model is keeping the long range transmission range( about 300 meter at open space for transmit the HDMI signal); support one transmitter and many receiver( full HD wireless video transceiver do not support like that); new model support IR Remote control at television end.

Finally but most important is the full HDMI video transmitter is very expensive, for end user may cost about 200-300usd per sets or more expensive. As for PAKITE Brand HDMI jack wireless video transmitter for sample only cost around 80usd. 720X576P also meed people’s daily requirements if not for professional device.

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