Wednesday, 26 April 2017

IR Extender Wire or Wireless

Article from: IR Extender Wire or Wireless

IR Extender Wire or Wireless

All kinds of product crowd in market, but wireless had been the major trend, but some of their are conditioned to wire product.

So any difference between wire and wireless? Here take example by IR Extender.

IR Extender Repeater wireless
The picture is wireless IR Extender. One set ir extender contain a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver, what the difference between this device with wireless tv transmitter is ir extender just for extending the ir signal wirelessly. This unit no need to connect with any device by cable except plug, so it can be used with USD/HDMI/RCA/SDI.....any type of device.  Just place the receiver at the signal source need to be extension, and remote control at transmitter end. Transmission range up to 200 meter at open space.
wire IR Extender
The picture is wire IR Extender, this unit need to connect with tv or set top box by USB cable, but it just for getting power, also it could be connected with Plug for getting power. But please noticed: the small one dot is receiver and the big one is transmitter. Use method: USB Jack connect with Set Top Box for getting power, and the receiver dot stick at the set top box end, remote control the transmitter dot. 

As for wireless IR Extender, between transmitter and receiver the distance could be 200meter, but wire IR Extender distance is limit since the cable, so it’s depends on your requirements and installation method.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Satellite Receiver and Wireless AV Extender Transmitter/Receiver

Satellite Receiver is signal source for av sender(known av av extender), AV Sender can not getting signal if no satellite receiver or set top box, it’s just a converter device. 

As the following picture, this is satellite receiver connection port, there is LNB IN Port, USB Port, HD out Port, RCA/AV Port, Coaxial Port and DC Port. 
satellite receiver connection port

The following picture is our popular wireless tv sender PAT-220, there is IR Cable Port, Switch , RCA/AV Port, DC Port. 
PAT-220 RCA/AV Port

When you get wireless av extender and satellite receiver, you should connect the wireless tv sender with satellite receiver by RCA/AV cables by correct connection method, please noticed, the Yellow Port is for transmit Video signal, White and Red is for transmit Left and Right Audio signal Port, please do not connection with wrong port, or it will not work

Connection is very easy, but we need to pay attention also, any other questions about av sender and satellite receiver, welcome to leave message at Pakite official website:

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

PAT-580 Wireless HDMI video transmitter/extender review

PAT-580 Wireless HDMI video extender transmitter & receiver
Our company purchased 300 set PAKITE brand wireless hdmi video extender transmitters and receivers Model PAT-580 at the end of 2016 from Pakite company, we saw benefits from Pakite technology company's experience, low repair rate, service and the price. And it is the only one developer and manufacturer of this 300m hdmi extender. As we got a good sales and a low repair rate, we decided to give a good review to this new product. Because we got good reviews from our customers too.

Reviews from our customers
All of our customers' reviews are accept this hdmi extender output resolution is 720*576p(And we had told them about this before they bought), and as a matter of fact, the image quality is okay for room to room wireless transmission. 
After customer bought this wireless hdmi video transmitter receiver and used it on their hdmi device, most of general problem they met is how to connect the transmitter and receiver and how to place them. This is not a problem for us, and we gave them help, the problem is resolved quickly. Some customers can correct connected and placed them well by watching the installation video on youtube.

Review of their using device: the signal source device which they used is, blu-ray player, DVD player, set-top box(cable box), satellite, IPTV box, and the hdmi video extender can work well. But there is one customer said his blu-ray player can't work with this hdmi extender, the reason came out, his blu-ray's version is too old to work well with this extender. We suggested him to change a new blu-ray player.

And recently, our company purchased 500 set PAKITE brand hdmi extender from Pakite company again.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Where to find a long distance transmission Wireless TV HDMI av extender?

Source: Where to find a long distance transmission Wireless TV HDMI extender?

Where to find a long distance transmission Wireless TV HDMI av extender?

audio video wireless tv hdmi av extender transmitter and receiver

I had bought one set rca jack iptv transmitter receiver for transmitting my IPTV signal room to room, and recently, I bought a blu ray player to connect the televisions, but the device is hdmi port, so I need to buy a wireless tv HDMI extender to transmit the video wirelessly. After do some investigation, I found the wireless hdmi av extender which with full hd output resolution is very expensive and it's transmission range is too short to make me satisfied.

Finally, I found a long distance wireless hdmi extender by searching the keywords on google, and this product is fit for me very much. It has 300 meters wireless transmission range in an open air, and 8 selectable channel, 5.8 ghz Frequency Band to avoid interference from a 2.4ghz wifi-route and other wireless device. Besides, it's installation method is very easy, the video of installation is also offered by the company. There are two hdmi port in the transmitter, and "HDMI OUT" for connecting television by using hdmi cable, "HDMI IN" for connecting my signal source blu ray by using hdmi cable. There is one hdmi port in the receiver, this port for connecting television by using hdmi cable. Once connected, my two televisions sharing one blu ray player wirelessly came true. Though the wireless hdmi transmitter receiver output resolution is 720*576p, but the image quality is ok for me, because the rca transmitter receiver output resolution is 480p.

Thanks a lot for buying this product from PAKITE, I got a best service from the company, and it's only one developer and manufacturer of this 300m hdmi product.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

My HDMI & RCA Wireless Transmission

HDMI & RCA/AV wireless transmitter and receiver for IPTV, Blu-ray player
With the time change, with the technical advance, nowadays family entertainment signal source device such as DVD player, set-top box, cable box, IPTV box, almost is RCA/AV port, and HDMI interface are coming with these devices more and more.

We have not just one TV at home, we would like to place TV in different bedroom, living room, even though at kitchen and dining room. But one signal source device can just connect one viewing device, then we need buy so many signal source and running so many cables in our house, that must be a very terrible thing! So we need to share tv signal by wireless, and had better make multi viewing device sharing one signal source device without running wires, an avsender is a wireless sharing device for resolving this problem, and one set AV sender contain an av transmitter and an av receiver.

Transmitting Blu-ray player wirelessly

For RCA/AV port: To transmit a RCA port blu-ray player wirelessly, we need blu ray transmitter and receiver with rca jack(known as av jack), it is named wireless rca receiver and transmitter. Connection method is very easy, transmitter connect with blu-ray player by av cable, and receiver connect viewing device by av cable, power on, and it will be work. You can also watch an installation video which url is:
For HDMI port: To transmit a HDMI port blu ray player wirelessly, we need wireless hdmi tv transmitter and receiver, and the connection method is the same with rca connection. But a full HD output resolution hdmi video transmitter receiver is very expensive, other way, it's transmission distance is very short. The PAKITE brand 300 meters hdmi video transmitter receiver system will become a best hdmi transmission project for many usual families, and Pakite is the only one developer & manufacturer of this 300m hdmi product in the world. Installation video of this product url is:

Transmitting IPTV wirelessly

AVsender is a wireless transmission device for transmitting av signal source device such as IPTV box/STB to viewing device such as IPTV/television. So if you are search IPTV transmitter and receiver on google, you can also type a keyword "av transmitter and receiver" or "av extender" to search the results. You can click the link above to watch an installation video.

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Friday, 14 April 2017

What is RCA Jack

Article from: What is RCA Jack

What is AV Jack
First: AV Jack is a standard definition jack, also named RCA Jack, now most of device has AV Jack.

RCA/AV jackAV is a kinds of Analog Audio Video Jack, its professional Jack for AV transmission, also you can find Cable Box/Converter Box/set-top box, DVD and Satellite all has this type Jack.

AV Jack is a traditional TV Jack, it’s consists of three kinds

of colors, example: Yellow, Red, White. The yellow one is video transmission, the white and red  is L&R sound. It suitable for transmission audio and video at the same times , AV Jack could transmission high definition video is because it’s comes with strong and powerful ability in transmission area. but VGA Jack can not do like that. HDMI Jack support 1080P, 720P resolution video input and output and also become the most popular Jack.

About HDMI wireless transmission, I would like to mention a new HDMI wireless product, 2016.09, PAKITE technology limited launched a 5.8ghz wireless HDMI sender which with 300 meters transmission range, 8 selectable channels(Dip Switch), and pakite is the only one developer and manufacturer of this HDMI product.

What’s the meaning of AV/RCA

We mentioned the in the above section, AV is intertwined initials of Animation Video , this is commonly nomenclature, but our foreigner friends calls it’s RCA Jack. Most of device has AV Jack, it’s commonly used by people.

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

How to review a film from set-top box by wireless?

set top box wireless transmitter HDMI
After the end of the work , after dinner busy home chores, the remaining work, walking, before the break is accompanied by family watching TV entertainment. Before the cable TV, free nest in which housing to open the TV can read, since the installation of the digital set-top box is not so convenient, only a family gathered in the living room on the sofa. Usually cold weather still nothing, to the winter when the cold, especially want to nest in the warm blanket to enjoy the fun of the film, now is the Internet age, when you can take a computer Yeah, or IPAD in bed to watch, but from the Too close, first of all bad eyes, followed by the screen is too small, why would you choose to go to the cinema? Want to spend the money in the bedroom to worry about this problem, although willing to spend some money to install the set-top box, but the decoration of the house, I do not want to poke a hole where a nail affect the beautiful, if there is a similar WIFI wireless transmission equipment How nice it is.
Asked friends, we are in the network TV set-top box how to use wireless in the bedroom to see movies and feel helpless. The first time in Baidu search the next, just want to try, did not expect to actually receive PAKITE reply, give me a detailed description of the PAKITE Brand network set-top box wireless av transmitter, according to the description in the bedroom , Still have contact information. So want to know more about how to set up the tower set-top box av transmitter wireless transmission audio and video.

After the telephone consultation to understand, PAKITE network set-top box wireless transmitter only RCA interface(HDMI jack Wireless Transmitter was launched at 2016.09), set-top boxes and TV is not RCA interface can not be used, the TV screen to be less than 43 inches below, or affect the transmission quality. The channel of the transmitter and receiver should be tuned, otherwise the receiver can not receive any program. Set-top box to the signal input to the transmitter, wirelessly sent to the receiver, and then through the output interface input to the TV, just a RCA line can be achieved, simply very convenient. According to their own needs, to buy whether the function with infrared transponder models, but the price is different. The key is that the two TV at the same time to watch, can only see the same program, which is a little less in the ointment, but in the acceptance, to see everyone's needs and choose. At least, Pa flag network set-top box wireless transmitter from the essence can solve the wireless movie problem, it is worth a try.

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

300m HDMI signal AV Wireless Transmitter and Receiver | PAKITE

Article from: 300m HDMI signal AV Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

300m HDMI signal Wireless AV Transmitter and Receiver

Model: PAT-580
Type: Wireless
Interface: HDMI
System: PAL / NTSC
Frequency Band: 5.8GHz
IR Remote Control: 38KHz
Transmission Distance: ≤300 Meter

Watch your favourite movie in your bedroom, cheer for your favourite football team in the garden or play your kids videos in their room while you’re having dinner with your friends downstairs.

Why be limited to one room when you can have the freedom to enjoy anywhere you like? The Wireless HDMI Sender connects your AV devices and lets you control them from a different room. The signal quality stays optimal, even through a wall or floor.

So, if you don't want to run ugly cables across your floor, or can't run them through your walls, wireless can be great. Long distance 300 Meters HDMI wireless transmission distance( line of sight); 5.8GHz frequency band transmit HDMI audio video signal with stable picture and sound; IR Remote support you control the program and volume at TV end, even if the DVD Player and TV was set in different rooms; wireless av sender also support one transmitter and many receivers, such as you have one set DVD player place at living rooms and may TV was placed at different rooms(eg. Living room/bad room/kitchen room), you are no need to move DVD player also enjoy wonderful video, just connect the receiver with TV, everything was done.

The transmission distance is line of sight, if between the transmitter and receivers exist walls, then the transmission distance would be down to 10 meters; with the time development, resolution up to 4K or higher, but for wireless av sender(also known as video sender, wireless av transceiver, or wireless video extender), it still stop at Max 1080P, most of wireless av sender only 480P as stand definition, the unit price of 1080P wireless av sender is very expensive, only a little user would pay for it. 

Bottom line:
Wireless AV Sender is a good idea for solve the problems of fix cables, it’s still have larger space on technology and cost, producer should come out new idea for resolution and make the video transmission more stable. finally, the unit price also very important.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How to distinguish model PAT-330 and model PAT-220 | PAKITE

Article from: How to distinguish model PAT-330 and model PAT-220

PAT-220 av sender is typical and popular model, it support 150 meter transmission range and support IR Remote control. But the retail price is a little high for some of end user since the freight. At that time, PAT-330 has the same feature with PAT-220, but PAT-330 do not support IR Remote control, so the unit price is much cheaper then PAT-220, then some of clients would order PAT-330. But finally, the product is works well, but since no IR Remote control, so their have to exchange another model.

Transmitter and receiver as below, but no one can distinguish it’s belongs to transmitter or receiver.

PAT-220 TransmitterPAT-220 Receiver

But if you already get the product, you can check behind of both transmitter and receiver has serial number, the first three is model No. Like 330 or 220. So you can recognize this unit belongs to which model.

We need pay more attention about wireless product before make order,  and double check with seller, or you will loss one way freight at least.

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Monday, 10 April 2017

If I need wireless av transmitter receiver for different floor? | PAKITE

Article from: If I need wireless av transmitter receiver for different floor?

Some of clients would take wireless av transmitter and receiver for connect with their TV Box and CCTV Camera to TV and monitor, but the house holder would not let them run cables in the house, so which brand wireless av sender(what is it) would be better for then?

wireless av transmitter receiver for CCTV Camera

The first model PAT-360:
This model has 350 meters transmission range at line of sight, but after passed one floor, then the transmission distance is 15 meters. But this model do not support IR remote control, so normally we would suggest CCTV Camera(RCA jack, not HDMI jack) user choose this model, it’s just for receiving videos, not need to change program.

wireless tv to tv sender transmitter and receiver

The second model PAT-260:
This model is RCA/AV jack, not HDMI jack, it has the same transmission range and penetrate ability with PAT-360 av transmitter. This mode support 38khz frequency band, suitable for connect with TV, one transmitter and many receivers are support. Most of TV user would like to choose this model.

The last model PAT-266:
This model is RCA/AV jack, not HDMI jack, it has the same transmission range and penetrate ability with PAT-260 av transmitter. But this model support both 38/56khz frequency band, the transmitter parts support one group av in and one group av out, this model more suitable for the clients need to use TV Box and DVD player, that will be much easily for change the signal source;  besides, this model support 56khz frequency band for ir remote, most of home appliance adopt 38khz frequency, if you change the ir frequency into 56khz, that could avoid ir interference.

Above three models suitable for used at different floors, but there still has limited since wireless signal always been reduce by concrete wall, so those three models also would be better for used for penetrate 1 floor.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Difference between PAT-550 and PAT-580 | PAKITE

Article from: The Difference between PAT-550 and PAT-580

Both model is 5.8GHz frequency band, and 300 meters transmission distance at line of sight, support 38khz ir remote control, support one transmitter and many receivers.

1. PAT-550 av transmitter is RCA Jack input and output, it’s for typical RCA/AV interface TV and TV box with RCA/AV connection; but PAT-580 HDMI av sender/extender support newest and popular connection HDMI input/output, this interface mach with new TV and TV box, besides, PAT-580 HDMI support 2.0, it perfect combine with all kinds of HDMI.
300m HDMI extender wireless

2. The transmitter of PAT-550 support one group av signal input and the receiver support one group av output, one transmitter and one receiver can be used with one set-top box and two sets TV, but it should be though a convert to split one group av signal into two group. PAT-580 has a small difference with PAT-550, the transmitter of PAT-580 has two HDMI interface, one if HDMI input, another is HDMI output, the interface HDMI input is for connect with TV Box or DVD, another one HDMI output is for connect with mainly TV directly, and receiver end has one group HDMI interface, it’s for connect with second TV, then you will find one sets PAT-580 support connect with one set set-top box and two sets TV.

3. Wireless av transmitter and receiver PAT-550 is typical model in 2009, the output resolution only 640*480P, it’s called stand definition. PAT-580 is developed at the end of 2016, the resolution is 720*576P, it’s not full HD or 1080p resolution, please noted.

Some of clients think if the resolution is 1080P would be perfect, but all of us know that: 1080P wireless av extender cost very expensive. So take it easy, PAKITE R&D is trying to develop a new model for HD clients.

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Can I trust PAKITE wireless av sender?

Online shopping is the a fashion at today, all the favorite items can be purchase by online, just need to put your hands and Finger , select your favorable items, and make payment by online, you will received the package a few days later.
Most of products can be purchase by online, at the same times, too many option makes us can not take decision. Then which brand can be trust or not, it’s a big problem.
PAKITE wireless av sender

How can I trust PAKITE brand wireless transmitter and receiver?

PAKITE is a factory located in Shenzhen China, it’s a famous brand in wireless AV sharing file. PAKITE has independent website:, you can leave message at the website. Besides, there is many choice for wireless av sender(known as av extender, video sender), each model with different function, both 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz and different transmission distance for used at different using environments. The most popular model is PAT-220, but you should take care this model is support IR Remote control, the other model PAT-330 do not support IR Remote control,if you choose PAT-330 av extender, then you can not change the program at bedroom if the set-top box was placed at living room. There are some other brand when you search Key words” wireless av sender”, one of brand was producing wireless av sender with HDMI resolution, but the unit price is too expensive, so most of clients wouldn’t choose this brand. And compare with the other brand, PAKITE would give you the best service.

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Which model is best wireless av extender?

Article from: Which model is best wireless av extender?

best wireless av sender
According to the current situation, the digital set-top boxes are commonly used in various cities and towns, then each family also need to solve a problem how to make one pcs set-top box signal sharing to many pcs of television. For solve the problem, PAKITE technology developed a product called wireless AV Sender(known as wireless av extender, video sender), it’s wireless transmission, no need wire, support plug and play, perfect solve the problems. 
As for most of enterprise, after development of a new product, it will be extension a series products with more strong and full function. PAKITE developed three series wireless av senders with different function after get positive feedback from market. As before-sales service, the high frequency problem is the "PAKITE has many models of wireless av transmitter and receiver, what is the difference, and how do I know which model is best for me?" as for such problems, let me tell you more about this.
If you don’t know how to choose a best wireless av extender for your family, then you have to know”
1.Whatever how many TV you have, but only one sets TV, wireless transmitter and receiver will help you solve this problem. It’s perfect plan to solve one set-top box with many pcs TV.
2.In case you have to control the program at set-top box end, and you wanna control the TV program at bedroom, then you should choose the wireless av sharing device with IR Remote control.
3.Predict the transmission distance between living room and bedroom, and how many walls between this two room, submit to PAKITE before sales service, she will let you know which one is most favorable for you in case you buy the strongest model with highest money.

4.If you already enjoy the convince that wireless av extender brings to you, please kindly tell the others.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Audio / Video Extender Transmitter & Receiver Guide

Source: Audio / Video Extender Transmitter & Receiver Guide

300meter wireless hdmi transmitter & receivers
As technology continues to expand, so must one's ability to adapt to it. With home theater systems and the integration of Internet and television,, the ability to enjoy almost any media form in almost any part of the house has become a reality. Audio/video transmitters, also referred to as A/V transmitters, allow broadcasts to be viewed on multiple televisions or monitors in different rooms at the same time. They allow music from a home theater system or stereo to be heard from speakers in different parts of the building from one source. This buying guide examines the different types of audio/video transmitters and briefly explains how they work. It compares the technology of location area network, radio frequency, and infrared wireless. It lists a few popular systems and their primary characteristics. These units can be found at electronic stores, department stores, home furnishing stores, and at online marketplaces.

Introducing Audio/Video Transmitters

In the past, in order to utilize Internet or cable or satellite television one would need to run cables from the source point to the other parts of the home in which he or she planned to use the service. If the person owned the home, the user would most likely drill a hole in the floor or wall and feed the cable under the floor or behind the wall to the desired location for the TV or computer.. If he or she rented the home, this usually was not an option. An alternative was to run the cable across the floor to its destination (which was not only unsightly but presented a potential hazard as well) or tack it around the room against the floorboard or at the edge of the ceiling. This, too, was unsightly, and it took a lot of cable.

Knowing Audio/Video Transmitters and Receivers

To understand audio/video receivers and transmitters, one must understand the basic elements of communication. As in communication, there is a source point and a receiving terminal. The source point, or communicator, sends the information or communication across space to a second location, which would be the "listener." The message is then received at the second location by the listener. If they speak the same language, the message will be understood. The more they have in common, the more clearly the message will be understood.
It is the same with audio / video transmissions.. The information, or transmission, begins at the transmitter and is sent across space to a second location to the receiver.. If they speak the same language, frequency, the message is understood and displayed. Sometimes the frequency must be adjusted to make it clearer.

Audio/Video Receivers

Many pieces of equipment to which transmitters are sending signals have the receivers built in and do not require a separate, visible antenna. All home theater systems,, HDTVs, and Blu - ray players have a built-in A/V receiver. This allows the television to display the image and emit the sound.

Audio/Video Transmitters

Audio / video transmitters make the use of cables unnecessary, or optional, in some cases. They work as mini antennas to transmit the following signals from one source in a home to another.
  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Infrared (IR)
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
Some transmitters utilize wires to send the information. Most are wireless, and although not all units have a vertical, traditional looking antenna,, they perform in the same manner.

Wireless Audio/Video Transmitters

With advances in technology and the desire to transmit signals, most users prefer to use wireless devices whenever possible. Wireless A / V transmitters work with A/V receivers to transmit television signals from one location to another; for example, a DVD, CCD camera, Internet set - top box,, etc. to a high - definition television.. Some transmitters require the receiver to remain in the "line of sight" to avoid interruption. Others allow them to pick up signals from sources that have solid objects, such as walls or doors, between them. There are several types of wireless audio video transmitters. Depending on the strength of the transmitter, sometimes a form of amplification is helpful.


Location area network, often referred to as LAN,, uses infrared, radio, and microwave frequencies to transmit data, wirelessly, to another location within the same building. Any appropriate receiver can pick up the signal if it tuned to the same frequency. This transmitter is capable of transmitting through walls. This is helpful for sending signals from concealed units, such as in a cabinet. It can also transmit to televisions and speakers in other rooms or across the building. This allows occupants on other sides of the home to watch the same movie or program. It also makes it possible to listen to music transmitted from one source on speakers located throughout the home.

Infrared Wireless

One type of wireless transmitter is an infrared transmitter,, also known as IR, and it uses very high frequencies. Like light, it cannot transmit through solid objects. It requires being in the "line of sight" of the receiver to transmit. By using an IR booster, the range to which it transmits can be increased.

Radio Frequency Wireless

Radio frequency transmitter,, also known as an RF transmitter, creates frequency waves into an antenna. The antenna alters the magnetic and electric fields at the same frequency, thereby sending the waves into the space. Although radio frequency waves are not halted by transmitting through solid surfaces, they can lose strength. They can also easily become distorted when interference from other waves, such as microwave oven, are present. RF waves are picked up by an RF receiver and emitted through speakers.

Notable Audio/Video Transmitters

There are many different types of A/V transmitters that fall under the aforementioned categories. Several of the characteristics to make note of when deciding whether or not to buy one include the following:
  • whether the system is wireless
  • how much bandwidth it is capable of
  • how far the signal can travel
It is also a good idea to identify whether or not the unit is capable of transmitting through walls or requires "line of sight." The ability of a unit to transmit through solid surfaces improves the clarity of the sound or image. It also enables the user more leniency in determining where additional receivers should be placed.



Terk LF30S Wireless 2.4 GHz A/V Transmitter System
Wireless transmitter; 150 foot range; 2.4GHz frequency band; multiple channel selector for clear signal; IR extender;; built in modulator
Everconn 5G HDMI 1080P Wireless Transmission Kit
Wireless transmitter and receiver; 100 foot range; 2.4GHz frequency band;; streams HD and 3D; 1080p and 5.1-channel audio support
Fusionsea 4CH 5.8GHz STB Wireless A / V Transmitter & Receiver System INS-PAT530
Wireless transmitter and receiver; 5.8 GHz frequency band; four channel selector for clear signal; IR remote control
IOGEAR GW3DHDKIT A/V transmitter and receiver
Wireless transmitter; 100 foot range; streams HD and 3D; built in IR; 1080p and 5.1-channel audio support
SIIG CE-VG0811-S14 port VGA and Audio Transmitter
Wireless transmitter ; 1080 foot range; 350MHz bandwidth; extended VGA transmission; two channel selector for clear signal;
Wireless transmitter; 400 foot range; 5.8GHz; four channel selector for clear signal; includes IR mouse
This list is comprised of just a few examples of the many types of audio/video transmitters that are available. With technology continually advancing, the variety is constantly expanding.