Friday, 10 March 2017

Why We Choose Wireless Audio-Video Transmitter and Receiver?

Someone may ask this question: I have cable service in my living room only. but I want to watch TV in my bedroom and don't want to run a cable. Is there a device that will let me remotely have TV in my bedroom without running a cable?
 Yes, of course. It's called wireless AV Sender( you can call it wireless tv sender too ), which can realize the audio video signal sharing in different rooms for family entertainment. The wireless av sender consists of a transmitter and a receiver. On a small scale, it works the same way as a TV antenna only instead of a local broadcast station sending a signal out to anyone who has an antenna, the TV in your living room will be the sender of the signal for the receiver in your bedroom .
   PAKITE Wireless AV transmitter and receiver is well known and professional. We have kinds of Audio Video receiver and transmitter for different demands. It adopting advanced 2.4GHz/5.8GHz wireless transmission schemes and having advantages of long distance transmission, strong anti-interference and high mobility. By means of radio waves, it can transmit the signal from DVD player, DVR, CCTV camera, IPTV, Satellite receiver, Digital TV Set Top Box or any other A/V devices at transmitter end to TV sets in different room at receiver end. Moreover, it can support the IR remote control at the av receiver end to realize the function of wireless control of devices from another place. So that you can enjoy freely wireless HD AV sharing data and Hi-Fi audio and video effect.
   My advice is to have the transmitter and receiver in as open a space as possible to avoid any interference.
   Besides, if your family or neighbor were installed 2.4GHz equipment such as Wireless WIFI or cordless telephone, please choose 5.8G series AV transmitter and receiver. 

  Choosing wireless audio video transmitter and receiver, It enables you to satisfy the transmission of A/V device and digital TV STB device. It enables you to easily realize wireless sharing of SD AV data and enjoy untrammeled hi-fi audio and visual effects. 

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