Thursday, 9 March 2017

Two TV sharing one set-top box in my house

Article from: Two TV sharing one set-top box in my house

Two TV sharing one set-top box in my house, the sharing device is wireless av sender
Two TV sharing one set-top box
By the picture, do you know what's the device to make Two TV sharing one set-top box/cable box come true? It named wireless av sender, and it contain a transmitter and receiver.
HDMI av sender, HDMI TV to TV Wireless

By the gif picture, it's a newborn av sender with hdmi jack in the whole world, PAKITE brand, and the hdmi av sender can send the TV signal to another room's TV by wireless, it fits for your TV, cable box(set top box), DVD and other device which with hdmi port.

The PAKITE hdmi av sender transmission range is 300m without any holdback, output resolution is 720x576p, and the price is much cheaper than a full HD 1080p hdmi av sender. So, the PAKITE wireless hdmi transmitter will be very popular in the whole world family, isn't it? The more details about this new baby will be on pakite's website, a new and huge business opportunity is waiting for you!

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