Thursday, 9 March 2017

The tendency of SD Wireless AV Sender to HDMI Wireless AV Sender | PAKITE

Recent years, with the high definition development , the most popular entertainment video resolution also get fast development, HDMI interface was add to PC and tablet, all of us must feel the HDMI was close to our life. The common wireless av sender not meet people’s daily needs since the signal source become higher resolution, clients was looking for more fast and stable wireless sender.

According to the statistics, most HDMI wireless av sender has 0-50 meters transmission  distance , unit price around 2200RMB. If need longer transmission distance, then the unit price will be double of 50 meters transmission distance. Of course we are talking about wholesale factory price, it will be more expensive for end user. This is a big cost for most of clients, only a little of them would pay for it.

Besides, if the TV Box not provide full HD resolution, then you can’t get HD resolution at TV end, the same theory if the TV do not support full HD resolution, which means you must promise all of device provide and support HD resolution input/output, then you can get HD video finally.

HDMI video extender

PAKITE developed a type of 5.8GHz wireless HDMI interface PAT-580 wireless av sender, sample price EXW 520RMB/sets, output 720*576P resolution, support screen size within 43 inch, this product with elegant design and light black color, blue light make it looks like more beautiful, PAT-580 support 8 channels for avoid interference form other 5.8ghz wireless device; support 433MHz IR Remote control for control the program at another room, then you will no need to control the TV at Set-top box; finally, PAT-580 adopt environmental raw material and package are.

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