Wednesday, 8 March 2017

PAT-556 is Smart Wireless Video Transmitter | PAKITE

Article from: PAT-556 is Smart Wireless Video Transmitter

Now market has many kinds of Wireless Video Transmitter, why PAKITE Brand PAT-556 called Smart Wireless Video Transmitter? PAT-556 with showy red color,

Three Reason:
First: Smart av sender PAT-556 support two group av input. Which means you can connect one set DVD and one set satellite receiver with PAT-556 transmitter, and you can choose the signal input at TV End by control the receiver.
Second: Smart PAT-556 has two group access both 38KHz and 56KHz for IR Remote control, since market has many 38KHz IR frequency band, so we add 56KHz frequency for improve the sensitivity of IR Remote control.
Third: Smart PAT-556 support one group av input and another group av input support Audio Transmission only.
If you need transmission av signal and audio signal, then Smart series wireless tv sender is the best choice for you.

Since most of Wireless Video Transmitter is for transmission AV Signal, if you need a device for transmission professional audio signal, please pay attention our website: , the new model for professional audio device will be on sale soon.

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