Thursday, 23 March 2017

PAKITE Wireless IR Extender PAT-433

PAKITE PAT-433 Wireless IR Extender( IR Repeater ) consists of a transmitter and a receiver. It adopts a Superheterodyne 433MHz wireless transmission scheme and has the advantages of long transmission range, anti-interference and high sensitivity. This wireless IR extender( IR Repeater ) converts the IR signal into an RF signal at 433.92 MHz, for transmission to the receiver unit, up to 200meters away, through walls, doors, ceilings, and floors.

*Use 433MHz ISM frequency band.
*The transmitter and the receiver are used in the same channel in a pair and can be used in the modes of point-to-multipointor multipoint-to-multipoint.
*Wireless transmission =200m. 
*Super heterodyne 433MHz Wireless IR Remote Extender is fully compatible with remote control signals of DVD, DVR, CCD camera, IPTV, satellite STB, digital TVSTB and other AV devices. 
*The Extender is equipped with super strong IR signal transmitting function or used in conjunction with an IR signal extension wire
*Fully hardware-designed. There is no need to install software. Plug and play. Simple and convenient. 
*Dimensions: 10cm (L) ×8.5cm (W) ×3.0cm (H) 
*433MHz module is FCC CLASSB certificated. Wireless application is safe and reliable

Customer Reviews:

After seeing a lot of poor reviews I was skeptical this would work but decided to give it a shot. To my delight it actually works very well. I have a LCD TV mounted on a wall in the garage with a receiver located across the garage in another corner that drives speakers mounted in the ceiling. I wired the digital audio output over to the receiver to listen to the TV audio through the speakers. It was a pain pointing the remote over my shoulder to change the volume across the room. This extender worked great. Now I can point the remote in the direction of the TV and let the extender transmit the signal across the room and control the receiver. The distance is about 20 ft between the extender transmit and receiver. The distance from the remote control to the extender transmitter is about 10ft. Everything work flawlessly, no delay whatsoever. I'm very happy with this and would recommend it to a friend.

Good news: PAKITE wireless HDMI transmitter with hdmi jack is coming soon, and the wireless tv transmitter hdmi is used for the TV device with hdmi port. Waiting for your inquiry about the hdmi wireless transmitter.

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