Monday, 13 March 2017

PAKITE Wireless av sender for Smart TV and Set-top box

PAKITE smart av sender/extender
In deciding to develop a new product, it is necessary to have a desperate determination to abandon all the worries. No longer think about the so-called forward all kinds of troubles and difficulties, do not give their own efforts to find excuses. PAKITE since the development of RCA set-top box in 2008 wireless video sharing products(wireless av senders) since the country, whether it is sales or visibility, are ranked first.
In order to keep up with the times, PAKITE has been developing new products. I have been convinced that continuous learning can progress, the ability to improve the affirmation. Product is the same, to do a walk in front of the industry excellent products, silently research and development at the same time have better quality assurance. After the market feedback, some satellite set-top box remote control carrier frequency is 56K, resulting in the purchase of set-top box wireless audio and video appliances in use can not replace the program channel. Some other customer feedback, if left and right neighbors are using PAKITE wireless audio/video transmitter, will lead to mutual interference when remote control. This is certainly not the wireless audio and video appliances need to solve a major problem, after a long period of hard research and development, "smart TV set-top box wireless audio and video appliances" series finally listed.
We often say "details determine the success or failure" , the new listing want to stand out, PAKITE engineers must be done more than others, learn to find the details will be less to take more detours. Such as PAKITE "smart TV set-top box wireless audio and video appliances" into the user, into the latest industry market. Because the wireless sharing device in the replacement of the channel, the transmitter receiver to replace the replacement, for the user, if the operation at one end is more convenient. PAKITE engineer is aware of this detail, in the development of "smart TV set-top box wireless audio and video appliances," when a new feature, as long as the transmitter and receiver in the same channel, all operations can be achieved in the receiver Control, easier to use, win the user praise.

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