Friday, 17 March 2017

PAKITE PAT Wireless Audio Video Transmitter and Receiver System

Imagine having your satellite receiver, DVD player, or DVR in one room, and the ability to watch them in another room without running wires; or even listen to your MP3 collection on a pair of powered speakers in another room? You can do just that with the PAKITE Wireless Audio Video Transmitter and Receiver System. It even allows you to use the remote control from the other room, so you can actually change the channels on your satellite receiver without having to walk to the main TV room.

The PAKITE Wireless AV Transmitter and Receiver System easily installs, requiring no tools or complicated (or expensive) cable installation. By transmitting across the 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz frequency band, it gives you the clearest signal with up to a 150 foot range. Transmitted signals penetrate walls, doors, ceilings and floors without any interference. Multiple transmission channels allow you to select the best signal possible, as well as eliminate interference with other household products that may also use 2.4GHz technology. The PAKITE Wireless Audio Video Transmitter and Receiver System features standard F-connectors and RCA jacks, for connection to any type of TV. It's like getting a wireless transmission system and a separate RF modulator for the price of one product. Per the manufacturer, the unit only works with its included IR emitter. Want to watch in multiple rooms at once? Add an Extra Receiver, (sold separately), and you'll be able to watch in the kitchen, bedroom, or even in the garage!

Good news: PAKITE wireless HDMI transmitter with hdmi jack is coming soon, and the wireless tv transmitter hdmi is used for the TV device with hdmi port. Waiting for your inquiry about the hdmi wireless transmitter.

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