Thursday, 9 March 2017

PAKITE 300M Wireless HDMI Extender

PAKITE 300M Wireless HDMI Extender
Wireless HDMI Extender is a device for transmit audio video signal from signal source(DVD/Set-top box) to HDMI TV by wirelessly, support undamaged and real time transmission, support 720P/1080I/1080P signal, full hardware design, plug and play.

Wireless HDMI Extender penetrate walls or the other obstacle then extend the transmission range, enjoy HD video with plug and play. This product consist of transmitter and receiver as the typical model, but support more kinds of signal source, like DVD,PS3,Set-top box and any kinds of audio video signal, it’s more convenience to install and use.

5.8GHz provide enough bandwidth, no need to compress the video and save time to keep real time transmission.

5.8ghz support high resolution 720*576P resolution with favorable price.

433 MHz IR Remote control:
Adopt 433.92MHz superheterodyne module, Compatible 38kHz infrared carrier remote control signal

Transmitter Receiver:
Keep the transmitter and receiver in the same channels, one transmitter and many receivers was supported.

Test plan:
Each family has install HD TV, the signal source always HD DVD/Set-top Box/ Blue-ray device, it’s easy to connected by HDMI wireless extender. Some of wireless av sender can not support penetrate one wall and it will getting interference from the other wireless device, so PAKITE wireless av sender would be the best choice for this condition. PAKITE HDMI wireless av sender transmission distance is 300 meters in line of sight, it’s support used at different rooms, but the transmission distance is depend on the walls condition, it’s also meet people’s daily’s life.

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