Friday, 31 March 2017

Newest wireless audio video transmission device with HDMI jack | PAKITE

Source: Newest wireless audio video transmission device with HDMI jack

HDMI wireless connection for TV, HDMI Transmitter and Receiver

May be you still don't know that, a wireless av sender not just a single audio video transmission device for TV, that means it can be "TV to TV", "TV to set top box", "TV to DVD player", "CCTV camera to DVR", "IPTV to IPTV" and so on. An av sender fits for any device with RCA/AV port, such as TV, DVD player, set top box,  DVR, CCTV Camera, and so on. That isn't a surprising case any more.

But a new av sender you never heard is, it's not full HD 1080P HDMI video sender, but with HDMI jack's av sender, the 720x576P output resolution wireless hdmi transmitter and receiver from PAKITE. It's a new born av sender in the whole world. Nowadays, more and more device such as TV DVD set-top box coming with HDMI port, so, PAKITE brand 720x576p wireless hdmi sender will be the main av transmission product in the future.

Click the picture or the words with 'hdmi' in the URL, will bring you to the page of hdmi product.

Note: the PAKITE hdmi video sender output resolution(720x576p) is better than a wireless av sender, but it requires the video source is 1080P. And the TV size no more than 40 inch.

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