Monday, 27 March 2017

New goods: PAKITE HDMI jack Wireless A/V Sender

HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

PAKITE Brand HDMI Jack wireless av sender(wireless hdmi transmitter and receiver) will be on sale at Sep, that’s a good news for old clients and end user.

PAKITE wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver is 576i resolution with HDMI Jack, the price will be much lower than Full HD wireless av sender; HDMI Jack wireless av sender support 200 meter transmission range at open space, that meet family needs in common use, if Full HD resolution, the transmission range could not be so long; HDMI Jack wireless av sender support one transmitter and many receiver, most of Full HD wireless av sender do not support, Full HD wireless av sender is point to point transmission, so it doesn’t support one transmitter and many receiver, besides the transmission distance is very short; HDMI wireless transmitter support IR Remote control also.

Compared with SDI RCA/AV and HDMI Jack wireless av sender, new model HDMI keeping all advantage of AV Jack, and the cost would be much cheaper than Full HD Wireless AV Sender, that will make HDMI Jack wireless av sender open a new market between SDI and HDMI sender.

Now, we accept booking HDMI Wireless AV Sender, welcome to leave message at

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