Friday, 31 March 2017

My family use it, and it's very good wireless transmit device

Source: My family use it, and it's very good wireless transmit device

we use the PAKITE brand wireless av sender

av signal wireless transmission

Ever, I had to buy more set-top box (STB) if I want to watch TV in different rooms, but it'll not only take me so much, but also add more cables if I do this, and I had no idea that time. A friend told me, a wireless av sender(also known as video sender, Digisender, wireless tv sender, wireless audio video sender) can help me resolved the problem. And he told me the wireless av sender is not only fit for set-top box, it fits for any device with RCA or AV device, such as DVD player, TV, IPTV, satellite receiver, DVR, CCTV Camera, and so on. 

And if my device has HDMI port, PAKITE brand wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver will be very fitable, as it's transmission range is 300 meters, and 5.8GHz Frequency Band, output resolution is 720*576P, and the video is more clear than av sender.

HDMI TV sender, HDMI STB sender, DVD player with HDMI port

wow, it's very nice! I'm not just need av sender for STB, I need cctv camera transmitter and receiver, DVD player av sender. I bought them with PAKITE brand, and I found the device's quality is very good! I also need PAKITE hdmi av sender, it is said that the PAKITE brand hdmi video sender is coming soon, so I can buy it soon.

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