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What is a video sender?

Video senders (also known as AV senders) allow you to send TV signals around your home without wires. They use radio waves to send the signals, and you need a transmitter and a receiver.
wireless tv sender receiver with IR Remote control
They can transmit over fairly short distances, through walls, although if you’re trying to transmit through several walls, or over along distance, they can be less effective.

How do they work?

Connect the output of a set-top box, DVD player or other video source into a transmitter(AV Cable) . Then connect the receiver to your second TV (AV Cable). Signals are sent over the air.

Where do I get a video sender?

For a wide range of wireless senders, check out PAKITE Wireless AV Sender 
I’m getting interference. What can I do?
Most models of Video Sender allow you to change channels, so’s not to cause interference. Try changing the channel both at the transmitter and receiver end, and trying again.
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