Friday, 10 March 2017

How Wireless audio video TV Transmitter Work

How Wireless TV AV Sender Work

Let’s talk wireless av sender connection by picture. And step by step.
wireless av sender and receiver
How does wireless tv transmitter receiver work? It's simple really; let's use PAT-220 av sender as an example. The Transmitter connects to your STB by AV cables. Your STB signal is then wirelessly transmitted, through walls and ceilings, to the Receiver.

The Receiver picks up the STB signal sent from the Transmitter and displays it on your TV in another room. you can still use your STB remote to control your STB box using the built-in IR Remote Control.

Transmitter Connection:
Just place the av transmitter above the STB, connect av transmitter with STB by AV cable in the right way, as the picture show.
Transmitter connection
Receiver Connection:
Place the receiver besides the tv, and connect the tv by av cable in the right way,as the picture show.

Receiver connectiong

IR Cable Connection:
Connect the IR Cable with Transmitter, and stick the infrared receiving at the infrared of STB receiver, like the following picture.
IR cable connection

When you finish the above the step, get the power, you can watch program at different rooms.

But one more thing need to pay attention is: all of receiver were getting the same signal from transmitter, so all of the receiver was display the same program at different monitor.

Wireless TV AV Sender

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