Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How to Transmit Wireless TV? | PAKITE

Transmitting a TV signal over a wireless connection requires a wireless tv sender that is connected to a digital video recorder (DVR) or cable box and a wireless av receiver that is connected to a second TV. Once the connections are working properly, any TV in your house can receive the signal—no need for additional cables.

* Insert one end of an RCA audio/video cable into the video-out port on your DVR, cable box or satellite receiver.
*  Insert the other end of the RCA audio/video cable into the video-input port of the wireless transmitter. The wireless sender will be sending the TV signal to the receiver connected to the second TV.
* Set the wireless transmitter on a flat surface, such as a TV stand.
* Insert one end of a second RCA audio/video cable into the video-out port of the wireless receiver.
* Plug the other end of the RCA audio/video cable into the video-in port on a second television.
* Set the wireless av receiver on a flat surface near the TV.
* Turn on the power to the sender and receiver.
* Test the transmission to the second TV by selecting the input source to see if there is a picture. To change the input source, press the "Input" on the remote control for the TV.

Tips & Warnings
* If your computer has a TV tuner card, you can watch wireless TV on your computer monitor by connecting the receiver unit to it.
* If your second TV does not have an RCA input, you can connect the receiver unit to a VCR or DVD recorder that has a coaxial cable to connect to the TV.
* Connecting the RCA cable incorrectly on the back of the DVR, cable box or satellite receiver will prevent the transmitter from working properly.

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