Thursday, 9 March 2017

HDMI/SDI Wireless AV Sender for photograph and television | PAKITE

Article from: HDMI/SDI Wireless AV Sender for photograph and television

Wireless make connection become more simple and convenience, so wireless had become the tendency.

Now, there is many kinds of Wireless AV Sender in the market, like wireless a/v sender for television, for cctv camera, for photograph......, all of av senders has the same basic function, but there still has a little difference.

hdmi wireless transmitterHere attached PAKITE 
new model 300 meter 
HDMI av sender
it is used with 
television for 
AV Signal from 
set top box to TV
so both Audio and 
Video will be transmit 
at the same time without latency.
It's the 'worth the money' wireless hdmi.

The following is a/v sender 
for photograph, it’s used 
with photograph for 
transmit video only, it’s 
no Compression video.

Now, Wireless AV Sender could be an independent industry, more kinds of wireless av sender come out and become more professional.

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