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Full HD Wireless AV Sender

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HDMI av extender
Now, more and more user are looking for Full HD wireless av sender(what is wireless av sender?) since more and more device with HDMI Jack and higher resolution.

Where I can buy Full HD wireless av sender?

Right now, you can see only a few Full HD resolution wireless hdmi av sender, so many clients are confused:” HDMI jack become more popular and many device support higher resolution, why most of wireless av senders producer only produce 480P RCA jack av sender?” as for producer, we can tell you: most of wireless can provide Full HD resolution wireless av sender, but we didn’t produce it, if you would like to buy, pls contact and feedback to brand dealer at your local. 

How can I get 1sets Full HD Wireless av sender?

The brand seller own a larger number of user, they could put forward the 1080P av sender that’s because they would import larger quantity order from China producer, like 1000sets in once time. Then the next order will lasting a very long period, But for factory it’s no profit if not lasting and larger sale volume, so we set 1000sets as MOQ for buyer, or factory would not produce it. That’s why you can not get 1sets 1080P av sender from China factory.

Full HD AV Sender unit price is very expensive, The original reason is because the high technology make the cost very high; only a little of clients would bear this cost, then the sales volume will be limit, that’s another fact make the cost increase. But, if you need an av sender to transmit HDMI signal with 720x576p output resolution, little better than universal SD 480p output resolution, PAKITE brand HDMI av sender must be your best helper, and it's transmission range is 300 meter while no any holdback.

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