Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Black Model PAT-240 Wireless AV Sender | PAKITE

Article from: Black Model PAT-240 Wireless AV Sender

PAT-240 wireless tv senderPAT-240 is one of Digital Series Wireless AV Sender for PAKITE brand, but it doesn’t means it only for transmit digital signal.

PAT-240 has RCA Jack for connect with signal source, it can transmit both digital signal andanalog signal; this model Wireless TV Sender has 250 meter transmission range at line of sight, if their has obstacle then can not transmit 250m distance; PAT-240 Wireless TV Sender support used at different rooms, if transmitter were placed at first room, receiver were placed at second rooms, PAT-240 Wireless TV Sender support, but u have to make the transmitter and receiver get more as closely as possible, the range should be not over 25meter after passed one wall; besides, even if the satellite receiver and television ware placed at different rooms, also you can change channels at tv end. That’s the function of Wireless TV Sender.

PAT-240 transmission range is between PAT-220 and PAT-260, the other parameter is same, so many user will confuse this series which model is best suitable for him. If  PAT-220 we would suggest use in the same room or next room but transmission within 10 meter, if for PAT-260 we would suggest use in different floor and keep the transmission range no more over 10 meter, if you would use PAT-260 at the same floor, then PAT-260 support penetrate 3 walls.

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