Sunday, 26 February 2017

Wireless Video Transceivers

Wireless Video TransceiversA video sender (also known as wireless video senderAV sender or audio-video sender) is a device for transmitting domestic audio and video signals wirelessly from one location to another. It is most commonly used for sending the output of a source device, such as a set top box, DVD player,CCTV camera, DVR, blu-ray playersatellite television decoder, to a television or viewing device in another part of a property and provides an alternative to cable installations. There are two types of interface: RCA or AV and HDMI. HDMI av sender is for transmitting HDMI signal wireless, and there are two types output resolution of a HDMI wireless a/v sender: 576p and 1080p. 576p HDMI av sender is the new wireless av product which launched by PAKITE at 2016. Following is something about wireless video transmitters.

2.4GHz Video Transmitters

2.4GHz Wireless Video Transmitters are an inexpensive solution for sending security camera video wirelessly. There are two types of 2.4GHz video transmitters. The first are analog video transmitters that use RF signals to transmits video and require line of sight with no obstructions between the transmitter and receiver. The 2.4GHz analog video transmitters are great for solutions where Real Time video is required without any lag, or where the signal must be received at multiple receivers. The second type are digital wireless 2.4GHz transmitters that utilize a WiFi like signal modality which allows penetration through obstructions based on their density and strength of the transmitted signal. It is possible to penetrate a solid concrete wall or thin sheet metal wall using a 2.4GHz digital wireless transmitter and a 2.4GHz 16dbi high gain panel antenna. 

5.8GHz Video Transmitters

5.8GHz Wireless Video Transmitters allow for long range video transmission without interference from WiFi. At CCTV Camera World we specialize in wireless video transmission, and sell only FCC certified video equipment that conforms to all Federal regulations. The analog 5.8GHz video transmitter can be used along with its 5.8GHz wireless receiver to send video signals. This 5.8GHz wireless video transmitter is great for converting a wired security camera in to wireless because it transmits a Real Time video signal without any frame drops or choppiness. Video quality is almost as good as wired, as long as signal transmission occurs in line of sight and the proper types of antennas are used to maintain good signal strength.

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