Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Wireless HDMI for blu-ray player

Article from: Wireless HDMI for blu-ray player

PAKITE Wireless HDMI Signal Extender
Product introduce
PAKITE HDMI Wireless Signal Extender PAT-580, perfect combination 5.8ghz ISM frequency band and wireless technology, then transmit the HDMI signal to monitor device at 300 meters sharing range. No need to connect any cable between transmitter and receiver, it’s easy to install and convenience to use.

Pay attention:
1. The wireless transmission distance may has a little difference since the test environment change.
2. Wall , brick, grass would reduce the transmit distance.

1. After connect HDMI av sender, the signal was extend about 300 meters between signal source and monitor.
2. Support ir remote control, user can change the program at another place.
3. No need to fix up any cables between transmitter and receiver.
4. Simple using environments and easy to use.
5. Professional wireless extend without latency.
300 Meters transmission range, strong penetrate ability, 720*576P resolution transmission, support IR remote control to change channels, full hard ware design, support plug and play, support HDMI input.

Source device:
Signal source with HDMI output: DVD, PS3, Set-top box, Blue-ray device.

Display device:
All kinds of TV with HDMI interface, screen size would be within 43 inch.

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