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What is a wireless video transceiver? How to share a cable box signal to many sets of TV?

Article from: What is a wireless video transceiver? How to share a cable box signal to many sets of TV?

wireless video transceiver transmitter and receiver

What is a wireless video transceiver?
In fact, it is the wireless transmitter and receiver, you can share the av signal from living room to another room(From RCA or HDMI port signal source device). It named wireless av transmitter and receiver, or wireless tv transmitter and receiver, and so on.

How does multiple televisions share a set-top box? How to make many sets TV getting AV Signal from one sets TV box?
The principle of Set-top box is convert digital TV signal into analog TV signals, set-top box set up a smart card at the front, If purchase another set-top box would take charge again, one pcs set-top box only connect with one pcs TV, but now many home users are There are two or three sets TV, so that the extra TV become a decoration.
That’s why wireless video transmitter and receiver come out, to make RCA or HDMI wireless transmit from signal source to TV or viewing device, such as  the user has one set set-top box at and three televisions. one of televisions is placed next to the set-top box, then you will need one av transmitter and two receivers. the set-top box has one group AV interface connected to the TV, then can not connected with transmitter, then av split is needed, convert one group av signal into two group av signal, then you can pick up the transmitter.

The installation process only need to launch the connection set-top box, the receiver connected to the TV, power on, connect the AV cable between receiver and TV, then it will be work, the process not need to install any software program. And its simple, convenient ~ save the trouble of wiring!

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