Sunday, 26 February 2017

PAKITE PAT-266 Wireless AV Extender with IR Remote Control | PAKITE

Wireless make connection become much easy, we make wireless connection become more popular. PAT-266 make av signal transmission much easier.

PAKITE Wireless AV Sender model PAT-266
PAKITE Brand wireless av extender/sender(what is it?) is 2.4GHz frequency band, support both 38/56KHz IR remote control, 350 meter transmission range at open space, or support penetrate 3 walls with 10 meter transmission range, PAT-266 suitable for transmit signal from first floor to second floor if used at different floor.

All of PAKITE Brand wireless av sender is for home appliance, if you are looking for 10-20 KM transmission range,  we are so sorry to info you PAKITE brand is not suitable for project.

Wireless AV Extender/Sender model PAT-266 support two group av input, one group av input support audio video signal transmission, one group av signal support transmission audio only.

But we should noted Wireless tv av extender Model PAT-266 S/N Ratio is 50dB, Min. So if you are looking for professional Audio transmission, please pay attention our website, Professional Audio transmission product will update soon.

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