Tuesday, 28 February 2017

New Opportunity on PAT-580 HDMI Wireless | PAKITE

The unit price of Full HD wireless av sender(what is it?) expensive, but the transmission range is very short. so now PAKITE develop a new model wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver with long transmission range but cheaper.
PAT-580 is newest wireless HDMI video transmitter developed by PAKITE. Most of typical model like PAT-220/PAT-530 is RCA jack, but right now, most of tv cable box has HDMI Jack only, so we have to follow the times. It’s a new model with interface - HDMI, that support HDMI 1.4/2.0.
HDMI Transmitter and Receiver
Look at the transmitter, there is two HDMI interface, one HDMI input and another HDMI output. HDMI input is for connect with signal source, like DVD/TV Cable Box/NVR, the HDMI output is for connect with TV directly, which means one sets PAT-580 HDMI av sender could connect two set TV. About the receiver, there is only one HDMI output interface connect with TV, it keeps the long distance transmission function, so you can place the PAT-580 at different rooms.
The transmission range 300 meters is for open space, if there is obstacle between transmitter and receiver, then the transmission distance will be weaken, after passed one wall, the transmission range around 10-15 meters. Also the transmission distance is depend on the wall thickness.

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