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How to Transmit Cable TVs by Wireless?

Article from: How to Transmit Cable TVs by Wireless?

Transmit Cable TVs by Wireless

Wireless technology is seemingly ubiquitous, but many people still use tangles of cables to connect TV sets to cable outlets. Homes that have more TVs than cable outlets or in situations where an outlet is far away from the TV, transmitting cable wirelessly can be a great solution — not to mention a terrific way to clear up all those cords. Transmitters are easy to set up and use, banishing messy wires for good.

Wireless Cable Transmission to a TV

To send cable signals to a TV, users can hook up a wireless video transmitter. Most transmitter receivers can pick up signals from 50 to 100 yards away.

Necessary Supplies

Wireless video transmitters(what is it?) have two components, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter hooks up to a video source such as a cable boxDVD player, or Blu-ray player, and the receiver hooks up to the TV.
There two kinds of wireless transmitters available, RCA transmitters and HDMI transmitters. RCA systems, such as the RF-Link Wireless Audio/Video System and the Terk Leapfrog Wireless Audio/Video System, connect to TVs, set top boxes, and other video sources using three-pronged RCA cables, which are compatible with most TV models. HDMI transmitters, such as the PAKITE Wireless HDMI Digital Kit, connect to other devices using HDMI cables, which can transmit HD video signals.

Setup Steps

To set up the system, plug the receiver into the RCA or HDMI port on the TV. Plug the cable box into the transmitter. If the transmitter has multiple inputs, then users can also connect other video devices, such as Blu-ray players and video streame

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