Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Compare Wireless TV Sender Model PAT-220 and PAT-330 | PAKITE

PAKITE brand RCA/AV and HDMI jack Wireless AV Sender has become more and more popular, but since the character of wireless product is very special, so many clients may misunderstanding.

PAT-220 wireless tv audio/video sender transmitter and receiver

Model PAT-220 is Wireless TV Transmitter and Receiver for transmit both digital and analog signal by 433.92MHz wirelessly transmission; 2.4GHz ISM frequency band; support 150 meter transmission range at line of sight; and it support 38KHz infrared remote control, which means you can remote control the channels at receiver/television end.

But PAT-330 is 2.4GHz ISM frequency band; support 150 meter transmission range at line of sight; transmit both digital and analog signal by 433.92MHz wirelessly, but this model do not support ir remote control, so you can not change channels at receiver end if receiver and transmitter were placed at different rooms.

The reason why we suggest user choose PAT-220 for television is because the ir remote control function. Most of clients choose our Wireless TV Sender is for plan to place transmitter and receiver at difference rooms, so PAT-220 is better for television user. If user's signal source device and viewing device has HDMI interface, the PAKITE newest HDMI AV Sender may be fitable for HDMI user. And it requires signal source is 1080p full hd.

PAT-330 is more suitable for cctv camera transmit video from cctv camera to monitor, since cctv camera is no need to change channels or add/reduce the volume, so PAT-330 is much favorable for cctv camera user.

Dear clients, please confirm the using environments with our sales before make order, we would not like to see you make wrong order lead your Wireless TV to TV Sender can not work.

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