Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Smart AV Sender PAT-556

PAT-556 is a type of smart wireless av extender ( known as av sender, Digisender, or video sender ), but why it’s smart for transmit av signal(share tv signal)?
PAT-556 av extender, wireless av sender

First reason:
PAT-556 av sender support two group av signal input at transmitter end, means you can connect both DVD player and TV Box with transmitter and select the av signal input at receiver end, there is AV 1 and AV 2 as AV input.

Second reason:
PAT-556 support two group frequency band, the commonly use 38khz frequency is F1, and the other only is 56KHz frequency is F2, two group IR frequency could perfect avoid IR interference with the other device with IR Remote control.

Third reason:
PAT-556 support one transmitter and many receivers, if there is interference at receiver end, then you can change the channels at one of receiver end, the transmitter and the other receiver will change channels at time same times by automatically.

Parts of PAT-556
AV cable*3pcs
IR cable*1pcs
User manual*1pcs

5.8G av sender could perfect avoid 2.4G wireless interference, so if you have use many 2.4G wireless product at your home, then PAT-556 will be a good choice for you.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

IR Extender Wire or Wireless

Article from: IR Extender Wire or Wireless

IR Extender Wire or Wireless

All kinds of product crowd in market, but wireless had been the major trend, but some of their are conditioned to wire product.

So any difference between wire and wireless? Here take example by IR Extender.

IR Extender Repeater wireless
The picture is wireless IR Extender. One set ir extender contain a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver, what the difference between this device with wireless tv transmitter is ir extender just for extending the ir signal wirelessly. This unit no need to connect with any device by cable except plug, so it can be used with USD/HDMI/RCA/SDI.....any type of device.  Just place the receiver at the signal source need to be extension, and remote control at transmitter end. Transmission range up to 200 meter at open space.
wire IR Extender
The picture is wire IR Extender, this unit need to connect with tv or set top box by USB cable, but it just for getting power, also it could be connected with Plug for getting power. But please noticed: the small one dot is receiver and the big one is transmitter. Use method: USB Jack connect with Set Top Box for getting power, and the receiver dot stick at the set top box end, remote control the transmitter dot. 

As for wireless IR Extender, between transmitter and receiver the distance could be 200meter, but wire IR Extender distance is limit since the cable, so it’s depends on your requirements and installation method.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Satellite Receiver and Wireless AV Extender Transmitter/Receiver

Satellite Receiver is signal source for av sender(known av av extender), AV Sender can not getting signal if no satellite receiver or set top box, it’s just a converter device. 

As the following picture, this is satellite receiver connection port, there is LNB IN Port, USB Port, HD out Port, RCA/AV Port, Coaxial Port and DC Port. 
satellite receiver connection port

The following picture is our popular wireless tv sender PAT-220, there is IR Cable Port, Switch , RCA/AV Port, DC Port. 
PAT-220 RCA/AV Port

When you get wireless av extender and satellite receiver, you should connect the wireless tv sender with satellite receiver by RCA/AV cables by correct connection method, please noticed, the Yellow Port is for transmit Video signal, White and Red is for transmit Left and Right Audio signal Port, please do not connection with wrong port, or it will not work

Connection is very easy, but we need to pay attention also, any other questions about av sender and satellite receiver, welcome to leave message at Pakite official website: pakite.net

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